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Helping One Day at a Time

Our Mission

Founded in January 2022, Second Chance for Women and Children Inc. provides safe temporary housing for homeless women and children as they become self-sufficient. Along with temporary housing, this organization provides job search, counseling, financial and emotional support.

About Us

Our Founder, Tammy Millard, who has worked for homeless services since 2007, always has a passion for people. She worked in many women and children homeless and domestic violence shelters as well as transitional homes, going above and beyond, making residents feel comfortable. Where some organizations fell short or may not have had specific programs in place, she stepped up. The love of helping all diverse groups of people led her to the day she would start her own women and children organization. Therefore, making her dream into a reality with Second Chance for Women and Children Inc., representing all those who need that second chance.

As part of assisting with the resources already in place, we know the organization can make a difference in this ongoing fight against homelessness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the most successful women and children organizations. We provide a safe, temporary, and stable housing environment while assisting with permanent housing. We provide the proper resources for long-term goals and success.

At Second Chance for Women and Children, our commitment is for every homeless woman to obtain permanent housing, employment, become self-sufficient and provide financial stability for their family.


Our goal is to address homelessness with women and children of all backgrounds. There are too many children living in unstable environments, and it is difficult for single mothers to obtain work, provide funds for childcare, feed and clothe their children. Single mothers are not making enough finances to provide for their families, and it’s a cycle that needs to be broken.

Our organization will implement our own clothing closet and resource center. Shortly, we hope to have low-income rent-controlled property specifically for single women and children and those aging out of the foster system.

  • Counseling
  • Job Search
  • Housing Assistance
  • Life Skills
  • Mandatory House Meetings
  • Mandatory Case Manager Weekly Reporting
  • Continued Education Assistance
  • Resume Writing Assistance

There is also access to the bus passes, gift cards, clothes closet, toiletries, pampers, schools, and household supplies. Any other resources are obtained as needed, all free to participants regardless of the participant’s work. However, the eligibility requirements are completed by an assessment. A participant is referred from another shelter or organization. Once assessed and approved, the participant is accepted into the transitional house.

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P.O Box 2172
Merced, California 95344

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Thank you for your interest in supporting charitable projects.

Second Chance for Women and Children Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization, and donations are tax-deductible.